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NFUP Solution

Solutin 01

Selection of production projects based on pre-consumption survey data and providing investment opportunities

Solutin 02

Fair management of production and distribution history, use of investment funds and investment performance

Solutin 03

Establishment of e-Commerce-based direct transaction distribution network with registered users within the platform

Solutin 04

Enhancement of agricultural competitiveness and creation of added value through linking with secondary and tertiary industries

Our Service

Distribution Platform


By recording the entire process of agricultural production on the NFUP blockchain, we obtain trust from investors and consumers, and based on the acquired trust, we use the pre-investment and pre-purchase system to secure continuous sales and expect stable sales.


You can purchase agricultural products that are reliable in terms of hygiene and safety by checking the production and distribution history of agricultural products.


All distribution processes that occur through delivery, distribution, and sales contracts concluded within the platform are automatically recorded on the block chain so that all consumers can check it, and secure a stable revenue distribution channel through continuous contracts within the platform

Our Solution

Village Platform


NFUP's rural experience and tourism
Accommodation type service


Experience, tourism, lodging, etc. in the producer area
Introduction of the tertiary industry


Utilizing NFUP Token
Use of content services


By creating new added value
Promote agricultural and economic development

Our Service

Investment Platform

NFUP Investment Platform

By connecting investors with promising agricultural projects registered on the platform, producers can produce high-quality crops without worrying about capital, and investors share the sales revenue of the project.

Circular Investment Ecosystem

When an agricultural project is selected and registered in the platform, investors invest the desired amount of NFUP in the desired project, and the proceeds recovered from the project are reinvested in another agricultural project.

Blockchain Based

All investment-related information, such as the selected project, investor and investment amount, investment amount use, project performance amount, investment performance and profit distribution, etc., is recorded on the block chain, enabling more transparent management of investment and safe distribution according to investment performance